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About SureScreen

Established in 1996 SureScreen Diagnostic UK have been providing proactive, bespoke diagnostic solutions to organisations just like yours for nearly 25 years. Believing early diagnosis is key to preventing disruption to both time and finances, SureScreen deliver tailored services and products across the UK, Europe and APAC.

SureScreen Diagnostics

SureScreen Diagnostics is an award-winning business that provides quality rapid diagnostic equipment and services around the globe. Across Europe & APAC, every two seconds a SureScreen testing kit is being used.

SureScreen believe that early, accurate diagnosis is better than waiting for problems to arise, and a pro-active approach greatly benefits people’s health, identifies issues early in their development, prevents accidents from happening and has a positive effect on performance, productivity and reputation.

Our mission is to provide the best quality diagnostic products that meet and exceed their customer’s expectations at a fair price.

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Managing Director

With over 20 years of senior management experience, Troy brings a unique understanding of the corporate world both here in Australia and internationally.
Troy’s hands on experience spans and was garnered from working with; Private Organisations, Government Agencies and Charitable Organisations

Troy has established and maintains strong and effective communication networks with and between stakeholders at all levels and disciplines of the overall community. He has steadfastly built a reputation in the public and private sectors, for maintaining fairness and integrity while ensuring outcomes are achieved.