Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Testing – Point of Care with Rhinoswab

The SureScreen Diagnostics COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Cassette in a convenient Point of Care (25pack) is a quick, easy and efficient method of detecting COVID-19 using the NEW Rhinoswab sample exclusive to SureScreen.

The SureScreen Point of Care test:

  • Has a Very High Sensitivity (96.1%) (124/125 confirmed positives) and,
  • A Specificity at 99.0% (406/410 confirmed negatives) in a recent clinical study
  • Highly accurate tested to 98.2% across 539 testing subjects.
  • 10-minute test
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • ARTG 387662

The Rhinoswab is suitable for 13+ age group and a great solution for adults who are sensitive to the standard nasal swab. The Rhinoswab:

  • Sits comfortably, for pain-free sampling
  • Designed ‘loop’ tip with a larger surface area, larger sample amount
  • Sample collection method does not rely on skill or training for accuracy


 Results from a clinical study conducted at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne stated; ‘The result from this study suggest both alternative sample types but in particular the Rhinoswab are viable methods of respiratory sample collection for SARS-COV-2 testing. This may be of particular value in population who are reluctant to seek testing due to perceived discomfort from traditional method of testing’
For access to additional Instruction for Use (IFU) – you can download from the TAB below.